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Sahra Wagenknecht

Sahra Wagenknecht
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September 16th, 2008

No place for fascists - Nowhere! The racist congress must be blocked!

Press statement of 16 September 2008 by Sahra Wagenknecht, MEP THE LEFT, Haimo Stiemer, Spokesperson of youth association Left youth [´solid] and Özlem Demirel, Vice Chairwoman of the city council group THE LEFT.Köln

On the upcoming anti-Islam Congress in Cologne, Sahra Wagenknecht, Member of the European Parliament and member of the executive of the party THE LEFT, Haimo Stiemer, spokesperson of the youth association Left Youth ['solid] and Özlem Demirel, vice chairwoman of the city council group THE LEFT.Köln declare:

This weekend Europe's neo-fascists want to meet in Cologne for an Anti-Islam Congress. From Le Pen and his Front National, by way of the Vlaams Belang, the Lega Nord to the FPÖ of Strache, they will be present with their EU parliamentarians and leading elites. "They want to use the congress to again try to found a European Right-Wing Party", assumes MEP Sahra Wagenknecht. "After the parliamentary group 'Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty' in the European Parliament failed due to inter-group conflits, there is the danger that Europe's neo-fascists will form and organise anew", Wagenknecht continued. "All democrats must resolutely resist that."

Resistance will be shown by the youth association of the LEFT that wants to use the mobilisation against the Cologne Congress at the same time as kick-off for the campaign 'Speak up against the right'. "By way of music and information, we want to oppose not only the Nazis on the streets. The "pro" congress shows that racism comes also from the conservative middle of society", says Left youth [´solid] spokesperson Haimo Stiemer. Left Youth ['solid] will actively participate in the blockades.

The Cologne city councillor Özlem Demirel will be present on 19 and 20 September, because – thus the slogan of activities against the Congress: "Cologne is colourful and not brown'. "Islamophobia is not only a product of the right edge of society. The politics of the established parties as well advance resentment against Muslims. I want to strengthen collectivity, fight for equal rights for all and act unitedly against social problems. That is my answer to the Nazis."

Nazis appear massively on the streets. Fascist violence multiplies, and the growing impoverishment of ever larger shares of the population through the rigidly lowered unemployment benefits 'Hartz IV' constantly adds manure to the brown soil. Only a just and solidary society can stifle fascist thinking. We say: The protest against the Afghanistan war and the protest against racism of the "pro" movement belong together! While we say no to the Cologne Neo Nazis, we are also active against racist propaganda-rousing that makes use of anti-Islamic resentments in order to justify wars waged by the Western states to create a new world order."

Cologne/Berlin, 16 September 2008


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